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We are providing sponsorship opportunities that will enable the Ethics Olympiads to flourish and grow in the future. Sponsorship can also offer enormous benefits to sponsors.

The Ethics Olympiad seeks to instil the epistemic virtues characterised by the spirit of open questioning. Students learn how to think – and how to think well – not what to think. At the event students develop the interpersonal skills and virtues needed for civic participation in rational discussion and argument.

The Ethics Olympiad already has an extensive network of participating schools throughout Australasia, schools interested in building philosophical skills and understanding. There are currently over 500 schools participating annually in Ethics Olympiads. This means that we have annual exposure to over 2,500 Gifted and Talented students throughout Australasia. And this number is growing daily. We are aware that the students we are dealing with would be ideal candidates for tertiary academic humanities programs and we think that some/ perhaps many would be interested in applying to pursue study at your institution at the end of their high school years if they are made aware of the opportunities available at your institution.


1. Ethics Olympiad Community Friend, a gift minimum of $250.00 The sponsors name will be included on the website as a sponsor. Sponsor a prize in the case writing competition. This prize-money goes to a student that has submitted their own ethical case to be used in the Ethics Olympiad.

2. Event Sponsor, a gift minimum of $1500.00 The sponsors name will be included on all publicity associated with a regional event. This will be attractive to institutions seeking localised exposure among Gifted and Talented students. Currently 15 Ethics Olympiads are being run in the following regions, NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia, Tasmania, ACT, NT, North Island NZ, South Island NZ, Singapore, and Hong Kong. So here, all participating schools in one of these regions will be made aware of the institution’s association and its support for the Ethics Olympiad. Training kits, web resources and the program for the day will all include sponsors logo and a statement of thanks for supporting the day. We will also include a summary outline of what is on offer at the institution by way of a brief presentation on the day. e.g The University of Wollongong might be interested in advertising their Liberal Arts Scholarships in NSW only and therefore advertise their support at the NSW Ethics Olympiad.

3. Program Sponsor, a gift minimum of $3,500.00. Here we will include upfront exposure of the institution as a sponsor of the days program. Again, this will be attractive to those wanting local exposure however, as a Program Sponsor, they would have unique, named up-front exposure sponsoring the program for that day. All correspondence, training kits, web resources and the program will include sponsors logo and a statement of thanks for supporting the day. We will also include a summary outline during the day as part of a final presentation to students and teachers (Eth-letes and Coaches) briefly outlining what is on offer at the sponsoring institution.

Thanks to the University of Woolongong and the School of Liberal Arts for their generous sponsorship of the 2021 NSW Ethics Olympiad.

4. National Sponsor, a gift minimum of $27,000 This sponsorship will involve exposure and endorsement at all Ethics Olympiads among participating school students throughout Australasia. (See list of events in “Event Sponsor section) This would include Junior, Middle and Senior School Ethics Olympiads. (We also have some exposure in HongKong, Singapore, India and Canada.) National Sponsorship will identify your institution in all publicity and correspondence over three years.

5. Ethics Olympiad Assistance for schools, an annual gift for three years. This sponsorship will assist schools that cannot otherwise afford to participate in an Olympiad providing them with the opportunity to participate at no cost. Typically, this fee would be roughly $720 per school or $240 per year. (this amount covers three years participation by a single school at a Senior High/Middle or Junior School Ethics Olympiad) If the sponsor would like to include participation in training clinics the cost would be $1470 or $490 per year for three years. This program would be managed by the Ethics Olympiad office. Selecting schools would be based on request for support and the funding would be provided to cover the school’s registration costs (and training fee) with the approval of the sponsor.

6. Founding Sponsor, a gift minimum of $75,000 A founding sponsor would be provided with maximum exposure at all Ethics Olympiads, Junior School, Middle School and Senior School events over the life of the Ethics Olympiad. This would include all events, including Training Camps, Regional and Australasian finals etc. We will also include a summary outline during each event about Founding Sponsors as part of a final presentation to Eth-letes and Coaches at all events, briefly outlining what is on offer at the sponsoring institution. This level of sponsorship would also include a named Scholarship (in the name of the sponsor) made available to a school, or schools to cover any Ethics Olympiad membership costs and registration costs for a school chosen by the sponsor over 5 years.

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