How does it work?

Any school can participate in an Ethics Olympiad. There are two ways of participating.

1. Face to face

2. Online


In 2019 we conducted some Senior and Middle School Ethics Olympiads in various Australasian cities. A day long program in each city provided students with an opportunity to engage with students from many other schools in a safe constructive environment about important ethical and moral issues. Click here for the results.

Schools can register a team or teams to participate in an Olympiad in a nearby city location. The Senior High School Olympiads (Years 10-12 (including Year 13 in NZ) are held in May each year and the Middle School Ethics Olympiad are conducted in November. Schools are invited to send one or two teams of five students to participate in the event. The registration fee ranges from $38-$49 per student. The entrance fee is smaller for member schools and there is no cost for supervising teachers as at least one teacher from each school will act as a judge. There is also a reduced rate for early bird bookings. Once registered you will receive an information training kit for students and coaches (teachers).via email. Schools will also receive interesting eight ethical cases.

On the day all students will be involved in a series of three Ethics Olympiad heats where they will be scored according to set criteria which rewards, clear, concise, respectful discourse around interesting ethical cases. At the end of the day two teams will face off for the Gold Silver and Silver Medals. A Bronze Medal will also be awarded to the third placed team. The finals are judged by tertiary specialists in ethics or philosophy.An award ceremony completes the day.

Program for the Day:

Start 9 am - 9.15 am - Preparation

9.15-10.30 am - Heat One

10.30 am -11.45 am - Heat Two

11.45 am- 12.30 am Morning tea

12.30 am -12.45 am Heat Three

12.45 am – 1.30 pm Lunch (Scores to scorer)

1.30 pm-2.30pm Gold Medal Finals

2.40 pm – Awards Farewells and photos.

Finish 2.45

2. ONLINE- There are three stages for participating schools.

  1. Stage 1 -Registered member schools conduct an internal trial selecting two teams of five students to compete against each other. High School, Middle School and Primary School students study two cases.

  2. Stage 2 -Schools use Skype to compete with another school nearby or in another city.

  3. Stage 3 -Schools can then participate with a school either interstate or in another country

Following the payment of a registration fee your school will be registered to participate for 12 months. You will receive a copy of the resource package including support materials and cases. Once your team is trained and ready we will also provide you with contact details for other registered schools with which you can participate.

We are currently taking registrations for 2020.

What does it cost? Only registered member schools can participate in the online version. The registration fee for member schools is $165 in 2019. This will provide your students with all the resources to participate, admin fee, support and discount on 'face to face' meetings.

Schools must participate in an event with another school in their local area before participating in an interstate or international Olympiad event. Once you have participated in an Ethics Olympiad heat then your registration fee will be halved in the following year. ($80) Once you have participated in your local Ethics Olympiad heat we will provide you with the contact details for an overseas school with whom you can negotiate a suitable time to hold one with a school from another city. If you are successful with a school in another city you can then compete with a school overseas.

Click here to register.