Each year we are conducting this competition which is an opportunity for students to contribute to the Ethics Olympiad. The Ethics Olympiad Case Writing Competition is an exciting opportunity for high school students to contribute cases for the Ethics Olympiad. All submitted cases will be considered for use in Junior School, Middle School, Senior School and Tertiary Ethics Olympiad case sets. The Ethics Centre and Humanity Matter NZ are sponsoring the monetary prizes for the competition.


Any school student in the Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India & Hong Kong are eligible to enter.


  1. Does the case clearly articulate the ethical issue and its ethical complications?
  2. Does the case explicitly consider at least two viewpoints in a balanced way?
  3. Is the case well-written and clearly organized?


Students are allowed to submit more than one case—but a maximum of 5 cases from one school, whether as an individual or as part of a collaborative team. If a student submits more than one case, only one of the cases submitted under his/her name will be eligible to win a prize. Collaborations among students are allowed, with due credit being given to all who contribute. However, to ease the administration of the award, submissions must be made by a single person who then take responsibility for whether and how prize money is distributed. All submissions must be original materials, although appropriately cited excerpts may be used (a quote from a news source, for example). If you include a video as your case (For Middle/Junior School Olympiads only), it must be edited and include credits. If selected we would need permission to make it available to schools on YouTube. All submissions become the property of the Ethics Olympiad and are eligible for inclusion in an Ethics Olympiad case set, either in full or in part (including cases that are not selected as prize winners). Cases may be edited after being evaluated for the case competition. Entries will be judged for overall merit, interest of the moral issue presented, quality of writing, and suitability for an Ethics Olympiad.


Senior Ethics Olympiad example-Click here

Middle School Ethics Olympiad example-Click here


Apart from possible inclusion of your case in future Ethics Olympiads

one major prize winner will receive $250 AUD

There will be two prizes of $100 AUD

with one of those specifically for a N.Z. entry.

And one prize specifically for a video entry.

Click here for a flyer to hand out to students.