Dates: November 2024

New South Wales 1 - Fri 1st November (FULL)

New South Wales 2 - Monday 4th November (New)

South Australia 1- Tuesday 5th November

Victoria 1 Thursday 7th Nov November (FULL)

ACT - Wednesday Friday 8th November

​New South Wales 2 -Friday - 8th November (FULL)
  • New Zealand North Island - Monday 11th November

  • New South Wales 3 - Tuesday 12th November (FULL)

  • Tasmania - Thursday 14th November

  • Western Australia - Friday 15th November (Nearly FULL)

  • Singapore - Friday 15th November

  • ​India - Friday 15th November

  • Queensland 1 - Tuesday 19th November (Nearly FULL)

  • South Australia - Wednesday 20th November
  • Northern Territory Wednesday 20th November

  • New Zealand North Island - Thursday 21st November

  • New Zealand South Island - Friday 22nd November (Nearly FULL)

  • Western Australia - Monday 25th November

  • Hong Kong - Monday 25th November
China -Monday 25th November
  • Queensland 2 - Tuesday 26th November

  • Victoria 2 - Thursday 28th November​

  • NSW 4 - Friday 29th November (FULL)

Teams will participate in a series of four heats, showcasing their skills in clear, concise, and respectful discourse around interesting ethical cases. Each heat is run by university-based academics/ethicists, allowing coaches to observe their teams. The first heat is a practice round, ensuring everyone is comfortable with the format. Scores are based on set criteria, and successful schools will receive Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals. Don't miss out on this exciting event!